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15 Displays Of Driving Etiquette That Will Give You Extra Luck This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is already upon us and in Melbourne, the celebrations are in full swing. In the spirit of these celebrations, we’ve put together a list of all the ways you can bring yourself some extra luck (and earn some bonus karma) on the roads this new year.


Here are 15 displays of driving etiquette that will give you extra luck this Chinese New Year.


  1. Give cyclists enough space when passing, they’ll feel a lot safer on the road.
  2. Don’t speed up when you’re being overtaken, it’s not a race and doing so could provoke the other driver.
  3. Keep some space between you and the car ahead, this includes on freeways where sudden braking can cause serious accidents.
  4. Let cars in when two lanes are merging, merging is inevitable – the sooner you let them in, the sooner you’ll get to your destination.
  5. Avoid getting stuck in the middle of intersections, you could prevent other cars from moving altogether and you won’t be very popular.
  6. Only use your horn sparingly and when necessary, such as if it could prevent an accident or if a car isn’t moving at an intersection.
  7. Give learner drivers extra room on the road, they’ll still be getting their bearings and as a result, their driving is a little more unpredictable.
  8. Check outside for passing cyclists or vehicles before opening your door – this one will literally save lives.
  9. Say thank you with a wave when a car gives way, this will make drivers feel better about giving way in the future.
  10. Always indicate before changing lanes or making a turn, no matter how minor.
  11. Keep to the left on freeways unless you’re overtaking, you could hold up drivers otherwise and not all are as patient as you are.
  12. Don’t throw litter out the window, not only could it distract drivers but it’s bad for the environment and also comes with a hefty fine.
  13. Give other drivers plenty of room to get in and out of their car in car parks, this could avoid nasty scrapes and bumps to your own car.
  14. Avoid doing anything in your car that could distract other drivers, like waving objects (or limbs!) out the window.
  15. Don’t show aggression towards slower drivers, be a little patient and wait for the right opportunity to overtake.


These are just some simple handy hits to make your year on the road as smooth as possible. Don’t have a car? Or looking to upgrade? Check out our range of mint condition used cars on-site now. We’ll even give you an obligation-free, three-day try before you buy period on any vehicle you fall in love with.

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