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7 New Year Car Care Resolutions For All Aussie Drivers

Well, 2017 has hit fifth gear in the overtaking lane and flown straight passed us, leaving us in the wake of an idling 2018. However, this new year means a bundle of new opportunities to work on our car maintenance skills and habits. Your vehicle won’t exactly need to strut its ‘bikini bod’ on the road, but it does pay to keep it in good shape. Especially if you plan on trading it in one day.

So, here are 10 New Year car care resolutions for all Aussie drivers.

1. Familiarise yourself with your owner’s manual.

For a lot of people, the owner’s manual is just something you keep tucked away in your glove box until your car battery fails one day and your radio starts asking for a ‘security code’ that’s buried deep in its pages. When in fact, it’s actually full of handy info, like recommended tire pressure, a maintenance schedule and car care tips. Make a conscious effort to give it a glance this year.

2. Schedule bi-annual checkups.

Some folks think once a year is enough to get your vehicle looked over by a trained technician, when in fact this is the bare minimum. You should be aiming to get your car inspected at least twice. Seasonal tune-ups like these can maximise fuel efficiency and performance, plus it could save you a bundle by picking up potentially costly repairs early.

3Keep the interior tidy.

You won’t only be doing yourself and your passengers a favour by cleaning up rubbish, wiping down surfaces and vacuuming dirt, but you’ll also be avoiding costly (and stinky!) damage to your car. Looking after the interior means you’ll prevent stains and odours from setting in, as well as putting a stop to your carpets and seats being abraded by dirt.

4. Learn how to properly detail your car.

It’s all well and good to pop your vehicle through the carwash or run a hose over the bonnet once in a while, but you should also know how to properly detail it. This includes waxing, washing, rinsing, degreasing and drying it properly. It may take a fraction longer, but it’ll also protect your car’s resale value in the long run.

5. Stay on top of your fluids.

This is probably a New Year’s resolution you’ve set for yourself, but it’s also one you should set for your car. You should check your vehicle’s fluids at least monthly – that includes transmission, brake, wiper, oil, coolant and clutch fluids. If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, take it to your local service station or mechanic to learn how (or get it done for you).

6. Get minor problems sorted ASAP.

Sometimes it’s easy to brush small maintenance problems under the rug with excuses like ‘I don’t have time to fix that right now’ or ‘I’ll get to it when I have the cash’, but the reality is that the longer you leave problems, the more costly and time-consuming they’ll be to fix. So, stop ignoring that flashing engine light in 2018 and get your car in tip-top condition before it takes the tip-top off your bank account.

7. Replace your wipers at the start of winter.

This is an easy one to miss but it has expensive consequences. Not only will replacing your wiper blades at the beginning of every winter make sure you’re seeing clearer on the roads, but it can prevent expensive damage to your windscreen, like scratches. Play it safe and replace your wiper blades – they won’t cost much but a new windscreen will.


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