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Buying a Car Online – Should You Do It?

Buying a Car Online – Should You Do It?

As the world adjusts to the spread of COVID-19, legacy industries are finding new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. Enforced social distancing is hobbling the ability of many high-touch industries to form meaningful – and profitable – connections with their customers. One of the most significant victims of this has been the auto industry. Locally, car sales slumped by as much as 60 per cent in a single week as people stay clear of dealerships and avoid private sellers in order to comply with social distancing requirements. 

Internationally, we’re seeing other markets respond to similar collapses in demand in new and interesting ways. China – the world’s largest car market – has seen car sales fall as much as 92 per cent as dealerships closed on government orders at the beginning of the year to prevent further spread of COVID-19. With dealerships gradually reopening throughout February but Chinese consumers still wary of unnecessarily risking exposure, manufacturers are turning to the internet in order to keep vehicles moving off lots. 

Several major manufacturers including Tesla, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are actively marketing cars as fully online purchases to Chinese consumers, tapping the country’s staggeringly deep and complex eCommerce ecosystem to reach, convince and convert customers. These services are truly contactless, allowing customers to browse a manufacturer’s range, specify a trim and accessories, order and pay online and have the car delivered to their door. Local manufacturer Geely has taken it further, allowing customers to have the car delivered to their door and the keys delivered by drone for a truly contactless purchasing experience. 

The state of play in Australia 

It’s not just China that’s roaring ahead with all-online purchases for cars. Manufacturers and private dealers are both getting in on the action in Australia. 

As far back as 2012, Subaru recognised how the web could enable a new kind of car buying experience, offering the BRZ sports car as an online exclusive. Key to this was that Subaru held all stock centrally – not distributing them to dealerships. While the BRZ online sale was used to address a specific problem – severely limited supply of the vehicle in the Australian market – Subaru would find success with this method and later repeat it for the 2017 model year Impreza

Outside of the manufacturers, Carbar is leading the pack in all-online car purchasing. Through Carbar, buyers can browse an extensive range of vehicles from top manufacturers, pay online and have the car delivered to their doorstep. But that’s not the only way you can get a car through Carbar. 

What is a car subscription and how do you get it today?

If you’re in need of a vehicle but don’t want to buy, don’t call a rental agency. Carbar offers an innovative way for you to get your hands on a high-quality vehicle wherever you are. An all-inclusive car subscription service, Carbar allows drivers to select from hundreds of cars from dozens of manufacturers, select their favourite and have it delivered to their door. Offered for a single weekly fee inclusive of insurance, registration, roadside assistance and servicing, it’s the simple, seamless and contactless way to get behind the wheel of something different. 

Provided with the same flexible delivery and secure online payment options that anyone buying a car through us already enjoys, our car subscription service is a safe, secure and contactless way to access a vehicle for your exclusive use, all without the hassle of ownership or unpredictable running expenses. 

To learn more about car subscription, browse our range of vehicles or join for free, visit today. 

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