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Carbar Challenges Car Ownership with New Loyalty Program

Carbar Challenges Car Ownership with New Loyalty Program

These days, drivers are no longer limited to leasing, renting and buying. There are a range of options readily available for motorists deciding on a new car.

Carbar revolutionised the market when it launched car subscription services in Melbourne in 2018. Since then, Carbar has expanded operations into Sydney and Brisbane. Consistently striving to provide market-leading solutions, Carbar has recently launched a loyalty program that rewards customers by gradually reducing their weekly subscription costs over a 24-month period. With no lock-in contract or commitment, this is global first in the car subscription market.

The longer you drive, the less you pay

With most entertainment and grocery subscriptions, an offer is made upfront and sadly no further benefits are passed to the customer. Carbar wants to flip this and reward subscribers every week after their first 12 months, and then offer a bigger reward, again every week on their next anniversary. 

With no other subscription model on the market offering a step-down pricing model quite like this one, the Carbar Loyalty Program awards unmatched benefits for loyal subscribers.

How car subscription and Carbar Loyalty works

Carbar’s subscription service remains the same. Exclusive use of a vehicle, inclusive of insurance, registration, servicing, ongoing maintenance and roadside assist for a fixed weekly payment. 

There are no hidden fees, fussy contracts or buried clauses. Customers can stop and swap when they want and are now rewarded for each year they stay subscribed, guaranteed. 

The Carbar Loyalty Program is valid for all vehicles, no matter the make, model or year. The great news is both new and existing customers will be eligible to receive Carbar Loyalty Credits. 

The way it works is simple:

   1. Sign-up to Carbar for free.

   2. Browse our extensive collection of cars and subscribe to the vehicle of your choice.

   3. Arrange to pick up your car or have it delivered straight to your door.

   4. After your 12 month anniversary, a Carbar Loyalty Credit will be automatically added to your account, reducing the cost of your weekly subscription. 

   5. A further Carbar Loyalty Credit will be added to the weekly subscription on your 24 month anniversary.


Leasing vs. subscription

Leases can be an affordable way for people to access vehicles, but they aren’t the most flexible arrangements in the world. 

Not only can they vary in length based on their type and the lessor, but broadly you can expect to commit to a particular vehicle and a lease structure for at least two years. In some cases, the minimum term may be as long as five years. 

Car subscription offers an alternative that can fit your lifestyle today and offers you the opportunity to stop and swap if things change. With no minimum term – only a two-week notice period for changes and cancellations – and now rewards if you stay, Carbar is a flexible and affordable alternative to leasing a car. 

Reap the benefits of your car subscription

Cars are costing you money every day, every journey.

Carbar offers customers convenience and flexibility, removing the risk of buying a dud or having mechanical issues or failures. If anything happens to your ride, Carbar has you covered and a loan car ready to keep you mobile. 

Carbar’s new Loyalty Program rewards customers with credits on their account and in true Carbar form, there’s no effort on the customers’ side. Loyalty Credits are added automatically so the cost of subscription goes down over time.

Shop your way with Carbar

Forget shopping at car yards and discussing finance options, customers can subscribe to Carbar online, anytime. Carbar even delivers the car to your home or office for free if you live or work within 50kms of the CBD. 

To learn more about car subscription and the Carbar Loyalty Program, visit today. It will cost you nothing to sign-up and you could enjoy the flexibility, convenience and save money by subscribing to your next car.

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