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Getting Your Cars Ready For Back to School

Getting Your Cars Ready For Back to School

With many of Australia’s schools and universities shut down this month due to the ongoing issues around coronavirus, there’s never been a better time to ensure that your family’s vehicles are safe, reliable and up to the challenge of the daily commute.

Fortunately, getting your family’s cars road-ready is not that hard – if you know where to start.

Follow these simple tips from Carbar and know that this year, everyone is getting to school, university and work safely and comfortably.

Top up your fluids

One of the most basic – but essential – pieces of maintenance any driver can learn how to do is refilling their cars fluids – and we’re not talking about stopping off at the servo. Your vehicle needs more than just petrol to function correctly – from motor oil to reduce friction between moving parts to coolant to keep it from overheating and brake fluid to help you stop safely, there are a number of different fluids you either need to check or have checked.

Running low on any of these fluids can have disastrous consequences for your car, often resulting in some very expensive and potentially dangerous damage to critical components. Take motor oil for example – running dry on oil can lead to friction between pistons and cylinders and other engine components, creating wear and tear that can lead to engine failure, putting a quick end to that commute.

While you can go to a mechanic to get these looked at, modern vehicles have made it very easy for the average driver to check and top up necessary fluids. Your car’s manual should be able to tell you how to check everything from windscreen wiper fluid to power-steering fluid.

Check vital components

While you’ve got the hood popped and the jack out, take a look at a few of the other things that can make the difference between a comfortable ride and a dangerous drive. While you’ll be able to inspect or change some of these, there are a few that you won’t be able to check yourself, so first things first, find yourself a reputable garage.  

Often all that’s needed will be a general service to tick all the boxes, but if you’re looking for a more detailed inspection, tell them to focus on the following areas:

· Battery – without it, you can’t start your car. Get the battery checked and – if necessary – get a replacement. If you’ve recently had to jump-start the car or have had trouble cranking the engine, now’s the time.

· Brakes – Some garages recommend changing brake pads as little as every 40,000 kilometres. Your manufacturer will recommend an interval and we recommend you stick to it.  

· Hoses and belts – cracks or splits in your car’s coolant hose or serpentine belt could lead to your car dangerously overheating, potentially causing you thousands in damage to your vehicle’s engine. Get them checked.

· Exterior lights – especially if your family are coming back from university or activities late at night, it’s critical that their lights are in top condition. If the car is a few years old, ask the garage or body shop to polish them for you, which can greatly increase the amount of light they throw.

What if their car isn’t up to scratch?

If you do all of that and find out that your family’s vehicles aren’t up to scratch, don’t despair. With one move, you could get your family back on the road and do away with fussy servicing needs forever. Carbar is the service making you and your family’s daily drives simpler and easier. For one fixed weekly fee, you get exclusive access to the car of your choice, with all insurance, registration, roadside assistance and servicing costs bundled in. No more surprises at the garage, no more being without a car while it’s in the shop, just what you need to get to school or work on time.

To learn more about car subscription, browse our range of vehicles or join for free, visit today. 

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