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Managing Car Expenses in an Economic Downturn : Servicing & Maintenance

Managing Car Expenses in an Economic Downturn : Servicing & Maintenance

Managing Car Expenses in an Economic Downturn : Servicing & Maintenance

With COVID-19 putting a dampener on everyone’s plans for 2020, many Australians are looking for ways they can build a little nest egg for these uncertain times. Even with restrictions still in place for many communities across the country, Aussies still need to get to work, to the shops and to the doctor’s. But with the need to social distance, many people are rethinking sharing space on public transport, instead taking to the road in their private vehicles. 

Remember, a car that doesn’t get looked after is a car that won’t run – even during lockdown, you need to be keeping on top of your servicing. But with the average driver spending more than $1500 a year on servicing – with costs rising for European and high-performance vehicles – keeping your car in drivable condition can be an expensive process.  Just because you’re driving more doesn’t mean that you have to be paying more to maintain your car.  Finding ways to tighten the belt on servicing and maintenance costs is a sure fire way to boost your financial security and keep you feeling safe with those dollars in your pocket. 

Nothing compares to the certainty of a fixed weekly cost, a new approach to ownership could cut your servicing costs while giving you all the benefits you already enjoy. 

Long term benefits of being a proactive car owner

Every driver has stories about walking into the garage for a service and walking out with a bill for a host of expensive issues, all because they let small problems become big ones. As a car owner, one of the best ways for you to reduce the cost of incidental spending on issues with your car is to have the car serviced regularly. Pre-empt the problems and act on them swiftly. Simply put, having your vehicle checked over more often will cost you less in the long run. Something that may seem like a niggling issue this week could very quickly turn into something big and expensive next month. Catch those faults early. 

For example, if your car has a tendency to run hot, that could indicate a coolant leak. If left unattended, something like this could cause severe and expensive damage to the engine. The cost of rebuilding or replacing an engine – often in the thousands – could be avoided with a more vigilant service and maintenance schedule that nips those coolant issues in the bud.

But keeping on top of those fiddly servicing schedules is a pain. That’s why at Carbar we take care of it for you. Not only does bundling your servicing into your subscription fee save you money, our regularly scheduled servicing you’ll never have to worry about organising the tricky logistics of booking your car with the garage again. With a loan car available for every scheduled service, you’ve got everything you need to stay on the road.

Do it yourself maintenance – Are you up to the challenge? 

For some people, saving money on their car means taking matters into their own hands. For the handy and those willing to learn, straightforward tasks like switching out old oil, filling up the radiator fluid or windscreen wiper ducts are all quick, low-risk tasks that you can do in your own garage with a trip to the auto parts store.  For the more adventurous, changing a dead battery and replacing fuel filters yourself may be in your wheelhouse, saving you money and not to mention giving you a sense of accomplishment once it’s done.

But remember, there’s a reason so many of us go to professionals to get our car serviced. If you’re not confident that you know exactly what you’re doing under the bonnet of your car, you may cause more harm than good. Being unqualified to fix the problem at hand may end up costing you in more ways than one, causing damage to the vehicle and rendering it unsafe to drive, not to mention the costs of having your handiwork corrected. After all, having a car that doesn’t get you safely from point A to point B is a hazard and not worth either the risk to you or the thousands it may end up costing you. For those with newer vehicles, going the DIY route may be expressly forbidden by your warranty, running the risk of invalidating your policy by not having the job done properly by a licensed technician. 

At the end of the day, if you’re not a professional mechanic or you don’t understand vehicle engines inside out, then it is best to leave servicing and maintenance to the people who know it best. Don’t stress yourself about finding the right grade of oil at your local auto parts store, sign up to Carbar and know that your vehicle is always in tip-top condition. 

Get the best of both worlds when you choose Carbar

Make the smart choice, sign up to Carbar and enjoy professional-quality service without the high price tag. At Carbar we eliminate all the fuss that comes with owning a car. Our car subscription service gives you exclusive use of the vehicle of your choice with servicing and tyre maintenance is bundled into one flat weekly fee. In the unlikely event that you need roadside assistance, we’ve got you covered. Worried about getting to work when your vehicle is in the shop? With Carbar, we’ll offer you a loan car while your subscription  vehicle is in for a service or needs repairs. You’ll always have what you need to keep your life on the move, no matter what. 

 To learn more about car subscription, browse our range of vehicles or join for free, visit today.

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