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How To Give Your Car The Ultimate Spring Clean

How To Give Your Car The Ultimate Spring Clean

The flowers are coming into full bloom, the weather is getting warmer and the days are increasingly growing longer. Spring is well and truly here, and now is the time to make those seasonal changes and give your ride a bit of tender love and care. We have put together a list of hot tips for you to try to kick start your spring by cleaning your car.

Start With The Exterior

The first place to begin is an absolute no brainer – washing your car.  Winter in most parts of Australia isn’t always the most pleasant to wash a car so the warmer weather of spring is a great time to make your vehicle look like new again! There are a range of service options available to motorists to clean their cars and ones that suit your needs. 

The simple option is parking your car in the backyard, grabbing a bucket and a soapy sponge and doing it manually. However if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or don’t have the facilities to do so, there are plenty of professional services that cater to everyone’s needs. Do it yourself options are a great way to wash your cash for less than 10 dollars. They offer high pressure hoses and foaming brushes to cut through the grease and grime. Just remember to wax your car at the end and it’ll give your ride that amazing finish. 

If you’re a fan of having a professional wash you will find most shopping centres offer a carwash or similar like Star Car Wash – a great option for those who are either strapped for time, or don’t have access to washing facilities. Most professional services like this range between $40 – $300 with many offering the most basic wash to the most detail clean or even extra options like paint protection services.

Take A Moment To Declutter

This is your sign to remove the wealth of reusable bags out of the trunk and throw those hoarded receipts into the trash. We all know our vehicles can end up untidy with random bits and pieces that we collect over the year. Check your glove boxes and toss out anything you don’t use or that isn’t needed. If you have first aid kits and items that expire check the best before dates and make sure they are still able to be used or if not, replace them.

Give The Interior A Detail 

You remember how your car looked when you first got it? Dust and dirt free. Well, your car can be, with a little bit of elbow grease. Grab a fine bristle brush and use it to loosen the dust in the dash and hard to reach places. Once the dust is loosened grab your vacuum and suck up the debris for a clean and dust free finish.  When cleaning the interior leave no stone unturned and take all the mats out and give them a good shake, and look under the seats for any hidden bits of rubbish. You can even go further, if you’re car has a musty smell, spray some carpet deodoriser on the floor mats to give your car a nice scent. 

Polish Off The Tyres

Having tyres look nice and clean can really set your car apart from someone who hasn’t. When washing your tyres opt for non acidic products to get a thorough clean without comprising the tyre. Use a stiff bristle brush to remove any grime. Remember to wear old clothes when washing your tyres as this can become messy.  Once washed and clean, apply some tyre shine to make your wheels gleam. Now’s also a good time to check if your current tyres are a good fit for your car.

Why Not Add Something New?

Once you have decluttered your vehicle the best thing you can do is put some finishing touches in to really make your car look and feel brand new. Try an air freshener that will give your car a rejuvenating smell and get rid of any odours that have built up since your last clean. 

Dust off the cobwebs to get back on the road in style, while you’re at it make sure your car is up to date with all-inclusive servicing from carbar.

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