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Here’s Why A Car Is The Best Present You Can Give Yourself This Christmas

As the old saying goes, nothing feels better than the gift of giving, which means giving yourself a car for Christmas is going to make you feel absolutely phenomenal. Whether it’s upgrading the set of wheels in your garage, adding a new one to the family fleet or becoming a first time owner, there are in fact a whole host of reasons to bring home a new ride this festive season.

Here’s why a car is the best present you can give yourself this Christmas.

1. End of year run out sales

An obvious reason is end of year run out sales at the dealerships. If you’re in the market for a brand new car, you should know that the year’s best deals on new cars are often at the end of December because dealers want to unload their old models and boost their end of year figures.

If you are indeed in the market for a brand new car, make sure you bring us your best offer, because chances are we can beat it.

2. Freedom to move

If you’ve never had a car before, you probably don’t know how much you need one. A vehicle will give you the freedom that public transport can’t. You’ll be able to do those midnight Gelato Messina runs that you’ve been craving and you’ll be able to hit the beach this summer without cramming yourself on a tram. If you’re someone who values your time and freedom, giving yourself a car could be the best thing you ever do.

3. Style and comfort

Style and comfort are two things you’re guaranteed when you upgrade your car, especially if you’re upgrading it from the local bus. Over the last ten years, the automotive industry has produced some of the best value for money vehicles of all time, which means you no longer need to fork out an arm and six legs for a good looking, comfortable car. If money is the one thing stopping you from taking the plunge into automotive luxury, then you’ll be surprised by just how affordable quality used cars can be. Just look at our range. We can even take the hassle out of buying and connect you with a range of excellent financing rates and packages.

4. Up to date technology

Don’t get left behind with automotive technology. Recent years have seen cars equipped with some of the most game-changing technology of all time (haven’t you heard? Cars can now park themselves!), which means passing up an opportunity to upgrade could see you missing out on high-tech features like parking assist, keyless start and entry, in-built display screens and even heated seats. In some cases, this could even mean you’re missing out on new safety features, so it’s definitely worth considering an upgrade if your car’s older than you are.

5. Peace of mind

The simple fact is that cars experience wear and tear over time. There are a number of things you can do to delay wear and tear on your vehicle but a decline in quality over time is almost always inevitable. This means that expensive repairs will begin to pile up as your car gets older and there might even come a time where the safety of your vehicle comes into question. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this Christmas by upgrading your vehicle.

5. Treat yo’ self

If those other five reasons aren’t reason enough to splurge on a quality vehicle this festive season, then this sixth reason definitely is: treat yo’ self.

Have we got you convinced? Then check out our range of quality used vehicles here, and take advantage of our 3-day obligation-free try before you buy offer for a double dose of peace of mind in your stocking this Christmas.


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