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The 5 Top Benefits of a Car Subscription Service

Car ownership is a dream of many Australians – the chance to get out there on the road in your own car and see all that our country has to offer. 

What if we told you there was a way you could cut the wait, skip the leases and slip straight behind the wheel of your dream car? No compromising on some old bomb – you’re just a couple of days away from having something from Jaguar, Holden or Jeep sitting in your garage. 

It’s not too good to be true – it’s car subscription, and Carbar is making it a reality. Find out how car subscription could potentially save you money, time and maybe a headache or two. 

Save money

Owning a car is expensive. After you pay potentially tens of thousands of dollars upfront just to get the keys, you’ve got to keep up insurance, registration and regular servicing to ensure that it’s safe and legal to drive. Factor in the cost of depreciation and the interest attached to financing, and you can start to realise what a costly commitment you’ve made. 

These running costs contribute in a big way to the overall expense of running a car. Sure, you may be reminded that you pay insurance and registration when the annual renewal notice arrives, and you feel the pinch when you take it in for servicing every six to twelve months, but few drivers think about these medium-term expenses on a day-to-day basis. 

And they all add up. The RACV found that the average weekly cost of running Australia’s three most popular cars (the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Mazda 3) was $232.31 – far more than most people would likely assume they’re spending on a regular basis. If you’re just looking for a commuter vehicle or something to help you run errands and pick up the kids, you might save a bundle switching to a vehicle subscription. With prices starting at just under half that, you could have more in your pocket every week for groceries, expenses or just a little bit of fun. 

No annoying renewals

There’s a surprising amount of paperwork associated with owning or leasing a car. Monthly insurance bills, renewal notices, reminders to take your car to the garage – it can all be a bit much to keep track of. 

A car subscription service compresses all of those costs into one easy weekly cost that fits neatly into your household budget. Your subscription fee covers pretty much everything there is about owning a car – comprehensive insurance, registration, a regular service, and roadside assistance if for some strange reason the engine simply won’t start. All you need to do is keep the thing fuelled up and your tolls paid you’re ready to go wherever you want. 

One easy payment – remove the risk & keep to your budget

Nothing’s certain in this life. Unexpected costs can pop up all the time. From a sudden ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light to fluctuating insurance premiums, there are a million and one little things that can change that have a not so little impact on your bank account. 

That kind of inconsistency just isn’t something you can afford. Your mortgage/rent, your groceries, your utilities, these are all things you can either control or count on for consistency. Expect the same from your car’s running costs. 

A car subscription service gives you real peace of mind. All the costs that have the biggest impact on your average weekly expenses rising and falling – depreciation, insurance, servicing – are all collapsed into one easy to remember payment. No checking your bank account and finding out that you can’t go out this weekend because of a trip to the garage – always know exactly how much you’re up for with Carbar. 

Make your car fit your life, not the other way around 

We get it, things change. Growing family? New job? Moving home? These are all big events that change the rest of your life, why wouldn’t they change your car? 

Unfortunately for most people, they’re largely stuck with the vehicle they’ve got. The sales process can be long and difficult between tyre-kickers and shark dealerships wasting your time, and that’s not the end of it – buying a car can be just as frustrating. 

Vehicle subscription offers an alternative. If you’ve got a little one on the way and that sports car only has two seats, we make it easy to trade up to a people-mover. Switching from an office job to a trade? Swap the sedan for a ute and you’re good to go. New job in a new town? No worries, we’ll take the old car back and might even be able to offer you a new car in your new location depending on where it is. Whether you’re shifting vehicles or cancelling your subscription all together, you’ve got all the power. Just give Carbar two weeks’ notice and we’ll be able to work around your needs. 

It’s yours

We’re not a car-sharing service – you take out a Carbar subscription and you get the keys 100% of the time. No booking rides, no squabbling with other drivers over schedules, just you and the open road. That’s why a car subscription service is a viable alternative to ownership or leasing: Any time of the day or night, you can jump behind the wheel and go wherever you want to go. 

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to welcome you to the Carbar family. Start browsing our range of cars today, or get in touch with any questions on 1300 620 685 or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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