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What Can’t I Do on a Vehicle Subscription Service?

A vehicle subscription service is a great way to introduce some flexibility into your drive. At Carbar, we love the freedom that subscription offers, but we know you have questions. After all, it’s a big change from how most Australians normally drive. 

So what can’t you do on a vehicle subscription

You can’t get stuck in a fixed-term contract 

Carbar isn’t a leasing service. We know that life changes – often suddenly – so we make it easy to exit or change your contract whenever it suits. Got a new family member on the way? Moving to a new town? Changed careers and need something for the jobsite or the corporate office? We can help. With just two weeks’ notice, you’ll be able to cancel or change your subscription to any one of our great plans, giving you real flexibility in how, where, when and what you drive. 

You can’t get trapped without a car

It’s a story that’s far too common – that emergency light on the dashboard turns into a week in the garage, leaving you without a way to get to work. Or a regular service picks up something potentially dangerous, making it far more expensive, lengthy and frustrating than it has to be. 

With Carbar, you’ll always have what you need to get to work, run to the shops, and head out to meet friends. When it’s time for your car to be serviced, we’ll provide you with a replacement car.. Don’t worry about catching the bus – enjoy the certainty that comes from subscribing with Carbar.  

You can’t get bored 

We know how it is – no matter how amazing a vehicle it is, that new car feeling starts to wear off after a few weeks. By a few months, it’s just another part of your life. If you’re all about cars and if you truly enjoy driving, Carbar has the solution for you. Choose from dozens of the world’s most sought after vehicles from some of the most respected manufacturers including Jeep, Jaguar, Mercedes and Holden, including top-class models from this year and drive something truly exceptional. Then, when you’re feeling like a change, just give us two weeks’ notice and we’ll be happy to exchange it for something else. Your dream car will be delivered right to your driveway, so all you have to do is find it. 

You can’t resist 

Carbar is changing the way Australians drive, and it’s never been simpler. Subscribe today to one of our flexible plans and drive the way you want, choosing from a range of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, utes and more. With vehicles from as little as $109 a week, it’s an affordable way to get behind the wheel of something special. 

Want to know more? We’re here to help. Call today on 1300 620 685 or send us your questions via email at and we’ll be happy to help. Take control of your drive and join the Carbar revolution. 

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