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Why It’s A Great Idea To Buy A Car Online

Your parents have probably told you never to trust anything you see advertised online, simply because back in their day, the internet wasn’t the heavily regulated marketplace that it is now, so they couldn’t trust it. But that was then, and this is now. These days most major retailers in the world are online because that’s where the customers are, which means over the last decade the sales process has been refined and perfected to the point where you’re now saving time, money and stress by doing your shopping online from the comfort of your own couch.

Don’t believe us? Read on.


Why is it a good idea to buy a car online? Because once you sit in front of your computer, you have almost every dealership in the country at your fingertips. Where geographical limitations of traditional car shopping meant the only cars you could buy were the ones on your side of town, the world wide web means you aren’t limited by your location anymore. If there isn’t a Volkswagen Golf at the dealership on your side of town, there might be one in a dealership on the other side of the country, but until now you probably couldn’t have found it, which means you probably couldn’t have bought it. Now you can.


Just like shopping for cars online gives you more cars to shop for, it also gives you more time to shop. Instead of traipsing all over town, or even the state, shopping for cars on the web these days means you can begin and resume your shopping at any time of the day and from literally anywhere. You can do it in your lunch break at work, from your bed, on the train and even from the loo (if that’s your thing). You can do it during business hours or in the middle of the night. Shopping for cars online is infinitely more convenient than shopping for them traditionally. It saves you time, travel costs and your sanity.

Quality Guarantee

Where shopping online once had a stigma attached to it, modern retailers now have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops to ensure the products they sell online are exactly what they say they are. If someone has a bad experience online, they can share it, which means if you’re an untrustworthy retailer, it’s difficult to hide it. Tips for ensuring you’re browsing a legit online car dealership include making sure the website has a fixed physical address, testimonials from verified customers, proof of certification and a terms and conditions page, just to make sure you won’t be surprised with any nasties. A quick search on Google can also give you a good indication of its legitimacy and other people’s experiences with the website.


The perks of shopping for your next car online include the second-to-none service. Often, online retailers are not only more efficient in terms of providing a service (i.e. selling you a car), but they can also bundle different services into the sale of a vehicle that saves you even more time and energy on top. Carbar, for example, offers free delivery, financing recommendations and a 250-point safety inspection, which means you can shop with confidence and without hassle.

Here at Carbar, you can not only buy and sell quality used cars but we also offer financing and a three-day obligation-free try before you buy trial, which means you choose a car you fall in love with and we drive it to your door. If after three days (or 300 kilometres) you decide it’s not the car for you, we’ll take it off your hands and help you continue your search for your dream car.


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